Global Vision Ltd – Provides dedicated & professional services on two different levels. The first is on a conglomerate & company level. The second is on a more personal, individual basis – the executive level.
Our business service offerings cover both organizational and personal needs, since every organization, at one stage or other, will require outside guidance. Even more so in the case of executives, who as individuals, at one stage or other, will seek career guidance and mentoring in order to succeed.

Global Vision Ltd specializes in providing following services:
Conglomerate & Company Level
• Hi Level consultation, in the preparing of work plans for short, medium and long range.
• Consult minority shareholders on how to counter majority shareholders for the exercise of rights.
• Provide customers with creative solutions to solve business disputes.
• giving opinion on the valuations and profitability.
• Review business funding needs and establish frame rounds of capital – obligo.
• Create tailored strategies for protection against exposure to currency risks.
• Conducting "brainstorm" sessions, in order to assist decision makers prior to critical decisions such as negotiations, procurement and /or the sale of businesses.
• Locate potential investors & assist in the location of suitable investments.
• Client/Board Member representation within Company's Board of Directors.

Executive Level
• Career change and career support for senior executives.
• Counseling & coaching by seasoned professionals.
• Dedicated and professional Mentoring.

Free introduction meeting, one hour cost $200 + VAT. There may be connections on the basis of minimum plus bonus based on success.

You can contact us at:

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